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The iPhone 5S lags behind here too, with a 1,mAh, but once again it's all about the real-world performance. With the biggest screen of the bunch, you could reasonably expect the Alpha to be packing a bit more power, but this could be one of the ways Samsung was able to make it so slim. Will that hurt it in the real world? Experience would suggest that it would, especially with the more powerful version of the phone.

Samsung's clearly making an effort to aim this phone at those that care about design, but sadly it looks like it's at the expense of battery life. Naturally the Alpha comes with Samsung's full menu of apps, extra software features, and compatibility with its wearables range.

It also inherits the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor from the S5, both of which are also present in the S5 Mini too. The heart rate monitor is in a different location than on the S5 though, which may present issues plugging your finger onto it.

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Do not throw that down the toilet. It's a weird one, as it seems to be a cut-down version of the Galaxy S5 in some respects camera, screen and battery for example so will consumers be ready to pay more for metal when that can be had elsewhere for less? It's encouraging to see Samsung follow Sony's lead in the power department by matching flagship processor performance in the Alpha. The premium design and svelte form factor are also a welcome departure. But, we can't help being disappointed at the lack of water resistance and surprised by the omission of a micro SD card slot - and that battery size is a real worry.

Everything else looks like par for the course, but we'll have to see how the camera and battery perform in the wild before making a real judgment. The Galaxy Alpha's prospects of success depend heavily on Samsung's pricing, and with a release date set for September, it won't be long before we get the chance to give it a go in the real world. Future University. The Galaxy Alpha versus the competition - how does it stack up? Design Samsung is seriously excited about the design of the Galaxy Alpha.

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