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Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter , Signs-of-Infidelity Diges t. It tells you each month about the new information that I have added,new developments and great stories or articles from our very own visitors. About The Author. Signs of Infidelity. Home What's New! Submit Your Cheating Poems This is your forum and outlet to share just what it is you are feeling. Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [? Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission. I let …. E-mail Address Name optional Then Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.

I promise to use it only to send you Signs of Infidelity Ezine. Share Us! Close Help Entering your poem is easy to do. Close Help Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? Poems on cheating can help you deal with your heartbreak when your loved one cheats on you. Depending on the poem, it can help you feel like someone else can relate, which can comfort you through your healing process. You just found out your loved one has cheated on you and now you are trying to get over the betrayal.

You tried to talk to your friends and family members, but they just don't understand what you are going through right now. You are starting to feel alone in this situation and that no one understands how you feel. Poems on cheating can help comfort you during this difficult time. Millions of people are victims of cheating and many of them have written poetry on the subject.

Their feelings may be similar to yours and can help you see that what you are feeling is normal. If you are feeling mad and resentful, a poem can help calm you and help you come to terms with the situation. A poem can help you see things from a different perspective so you can learn from it and start to heal. If I would have known half the things I do now, I wouldn't have even given a relationship a second thought. I've been through things that Jerry Springer probably can't even believe. I had the same problem with my first wife of 8 years, but I couldn't walk away. I guess it's how I was raised.

Real men don't walk away and give up. There's so much to my story that I could probably write for days, but I thought I'd let you know that you're not alone when it comes to being betrayed by the love of your life.

Hope things get better for you. I was married for 35 years.

Cheating Poems - Meaning Poems about Cheating and Infidelity

He told me he met someone who was going to give him everything. I found out by going through phone bills he had been looking for almost 2 years. It hurts so badly. It's been a year since my divorce, and it still hurts. It has helped greatly. And still is my bible of healing.

The pain does get better. It's a process because I truly loved and trusted and now am healing slowly but surely. It does get better! I have been with a cheating spouse before and trust me I know how it feels, those suspicions are not mere paranoia. If you suspect that he is cheating, he definitely is..

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I hired a PI who helped me install monitoring bugs on his phone that diverted all his messages facebook, whatsapp, text messages, and even phone calls to my phone without him knowing: hackerethique gmail com is the man for the job with a very high level of professionalism and highly reliable. I really enjoyed working with him and the few friends I told have been nothing but thankful to me for the referral. My husband has cheated on me with 4 different woman and had kids with them. He says he is not doing that anymore but I have no trust for him. I am still with him, been married for 15 yrs.

My life is so hard. I would like to be strong and leave him. Dear, I read what you published, and all I can say is that life is too short and you have to look after your happiness. He who cheats once will always cheat. Break up with him if he is going to cause you this amount of stress. If he is just giving you stress and heartache, it's not worth it to be with him. Remember, s cheater is always going to be a cheater.

My advice is to leave him. Look if he's still cheating then it is time to go. Let him pack up his bags and leave.

You deserve better because you were loyal. Just leave him. He's a low-life rat. He doesn't deserve human affection if he is that bad. I know how you feel, I'm married for 4 years now and yes he cheated on me just here lately and yes I know for sure he has and yes I stayed.

Infidelity Poems by Our Visitors

When you love someone you love them with the bad, but he has one more time and I'm out the door. He will do it again god knows I hope he realizes what he will lose for a one night stand I love my husband but one time only. Hello Ladies, I am most sincerely sorry for your pain and suffering.

These men who've disrespected you and treated you so badly are shallow and very insecure with themselves.

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They may feel they are God's gift to women, don't they all? They don't like who they are. Trust me, I know this type. I have them in my family I just wanted to tell you that there are still honest, kind, and good looking guys, like myself out there, who have never cheated on a spouse or girlfriend.

I have been in common law twice before, and they both had cheated on me while I was working hours per day. As soon as I found this out, I had them leave my home immediately.

Cheating And Lies

I bought them out. Once a cheater always a cheater is not always true. I thought we should stay together because of the children. For the record, within one month they both wanted me back. It was brutal, calls and texts in med class. I'm going thru the same thing all over again. My first husband cheated and lied about it blamed me accused me. We divorced after 10 years of married and 3 beautiful children. Now my current husband is doing the same thing hiding his phone, staying out late, always broke the same day he gets paid.

I haven't caught him yet but I know one day I will. I'm the stupid one who always tries to keep us together when he won't meet in the middle. Why are we as women, so weak to give up when all we get is hurt while they get everything. One day from all the hurt we go thru Mr.