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Getting emails, facebook updates with videos, video messages on apps like vine, I can surf the web no problem. NONE have ever been downloaded. It has been 2 weeks. Also I have made new test photos and videos to see if that would work. I have rebooted it several times. Again it is receiving calls, texts facebook updates, videos etc. I am a software engineer myself. I have no problem with a little trouble shooting to get things to work. Nothing exotic.

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As said above, the phone is an iphone 4s connected to the WiFi getting traffic. I have contacted support a number of times. One time I was instructed to do some reboot and turn off the connections for an hour and turn back on, which I did numerous times. No change. After I purchased I found the link above that shows the many complaints. Clearly I am not the only one experiencing these problems. Hi David — Many thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience.

Can you please tell me which iOS version you are currently running? In fact, I noticed that a few days ago, the site was quite long in uploading data. Yesterday, mspy operated a site maintenance for more than one hour and since then, I have no logs for sms, calls, key logger, locations. Still, nothing is happening. For everyone out there I tried several companies and mspy was by far the best.

If your not sure ask about a free trial and you can see how it works with your phone! Do not get this software it is a total scam. The features rarely work and you have to constantly reboot the target phone!!! It is by far the worst software and company out there. Mspy is awesome compared to any other company trust me!!!

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I changed from spy bubble to mspy because of additional feature, record surroundings, photo spying etc. Have had mspy since July and these additional features have never worked for me. I was given several explanations for record surroundings not working i. I tested them myself, they never worked…ever!

mSpy Review – Does It Really Work?

I was ok to continue with mspy, just having other regular features, sms, call, location logging etc. Until recently. I was advised to re-install it. I tried, lots of times, was unable to connect. Mspy told me that my internet connection must not be strong enough! It was strong enough before.

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I have full strength internet and sitting right next to my router when I try to connect! I am at present, paying for nothing! I purchased mspy and it worked great. I read, listened and saw everything.

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  • The target had no idea until I disclosed the information to them. Unfaithful, not loyal and very dishonest.. Glad I did this although I knew too much because this software actually gives you access to everything.. Glad I did this because it saved me from a lifetime of misery.. Mspy program was the best , but now it has been the worst since they cancelled Call Recording and sourrounding call and I really not advise anyone for this program. I had the premium subscription for six months.

    When I went to renew I saw the note that call recording and remote sound recording was no longer available.

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    However, there are still more than 25 features in mspy that you can use to track a cell phone. In keeping with this theme, we wish to reiterate that in no uncertain terms do we endorse nor promote the use of our software for purposes other than which have been expressly stated. Please remove any content that suggests otherwise. You may refer to our website for a more detailed description of the approved uses of mSpy tracking software. We would like to draw you attention to the fact that monitoring software, like mSpy, still remains legal. We have made sure mSpy clearly positions itself as a parental control tool and business monitoring solution that can only be used with prior consent obtained.

    You were the best untill you made this stupid decision. How come all the other spy programs still have the recording features?? Mspy is easy to use, price worthy, reliable — you name it! I found out about my charming husbands plans, Before it was to late….. Have a nice day everyone! Mspy did not even send me a reminder email about my subscription expiry. I did n ot receive any email even in my junk folder.

    How to install mSpy on Android and iPhone

    Reason could be anything. I purchased an mSpy 3 month subscription. Within hours, and not even attempting to set up the program, I emailed and tried to cancel my subscription due to the day refund policy clearly listed on the front page of their website. I was clearly told, no refund would be offered as I should have read their refund policy.

    After further review of this policy, they have listed everything possible to never have to give a refund! I understand if I used the product, but they would be able to see that I have clearly done nothing with it. Their only response is they will give me a free month on the backend of my subscription. Where is that a benefit to me when I have clearly asked for a full refund? Maybe, make me pay for 1 month of service and return the other 2 months…. Hello, it seems I lost connection with target phone which is the phone of my child who is in Dutchland.

    Normally he connect by Wi-Fi. I would like to know if you can actually link back previous target phone because I accidentally hit the unlink current device while I was browsing it? Do I need to reinstall it again to continue using mspy? HELP please!!!!! I would like to see more feature added but you cant go wrong with the price and their support is real good. Overall im satisfied with this product. I was able to download this app on an android cell, worked good for a week, and the updates stopped…. When you are installing the mspy app, you can choose to hide the app icon on their phone.

    Did you do that? Program says it updated, but the call logs and the text messages have not. Also does the non jailbreak program show deleted texts and phone calls? Because I was lead to believe it did. But it has never showed deleted texts or phone calls in the logs. Below is a list of features available with the Premium Plan: 1. The target iPhone or iPad must be running iOS 6 — 8. The target iPhone or iPad must be jailbroken. You need physical access to the device to install mSpy. Compatible with all iOS versions. Learn how to use the No jailbreak version. You need to turn off two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

    The installation process is as simple as any other application.

    mSpy Reviews for iPhone & Android [July ]– READ BEFORE BUYING

    We can divide the entire deal into four main stages:. Before you proceed with your payment, you should choose the subscription plan. Then you should fill in the short order form, which is clear and simple as the info it requires is common. A user should have direct access to the target gadget. There is a special Installation Wizard to help you to deal with the program and its features.

    Once the process of installation is over, a customer would like to know how to use mSpy on Android to learn the secrets of the close people. The way a phone owner uses the software depends on the individual goals. Spouses are interested in how to install mSpy on Android as they are not certain in the loyalty of their partners after years of living under one roof. Many users who do not wish to spend their money try to understand how to download mSpy for free.

    Even the Basic version for Android is paid. Users can try mSpy tracking app for free 3 days long.

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    • After that, it is up to them to decide. Does the application meet their needs before purchasing a full version from the official website. That is the most obvious sign it works. I have access to the entire content of the target phone along with the specified locations of my spouse via control panel. The application has no specific pitfalls except for the high price. One more thing!