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Give your phone a huge portion of a clear sky to catch the necessary info for you not to get lost. And then, concrete jungles are wrong place to get pure positioning.

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The more innovative device you have — the more accurate data you get. GPS is about precise figures, coordinates and exact time so any signal bounce, blocking or even slight disturbance result in significantly inaccurate data on your location.

Cell Phone Triangulation Accuracy Is All Over The Map

So now you know that GPS is very dependent on various aspects and here are some tips and tricks that will allow you to get the most precise location data on a specific device. Genius lies in simplicity.

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  4. Sounds familiar or do you hear this word for the first time? Just believe that if you have iPhone 4S for example for the full list of devices go here , you already use it. The app will track you only once when you launch and pinpoint your location saving your battery this way. By working via PathSense server the app performs at no internet connection and sometimes even more accurate than time-honoured GPS.

    In addition, the future GPS 2. Mostly via WiFi. Together with PathSense, Skyhook and Geoloqi also discovered alternative ways of positioning. The service can be integrated into your app to allow easy monetization, in-app purchases or bringing social features.

    The Problem with Mobile Phones

    So make sure to be the first to benefit from such feature. Remember, in order to be one step ahead of your competitors you need to monitor technology novations and stay updated on the latest GPS a pps released. GPS is an acknowledged breakthrough in the world of location positioning. But Dark Sky can only afford to do that because it charges money for its weather app up-front.

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    4. Weather apps are just one example, and all kinds of apps that request access to your location probably sell it in some way. Rogue bounty hunters can probably start getting location data from these kinds of apps rather than from cellular carriers in the future. Many weather apps also let you enter a Zip code or city name for the cities you want to track, which is at least better than sharing your location data. Your phone is capable of determining its location and sharing it in the background, even if the screen is off.

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      Find My Friends can be used to share your precise real-time locations with family members or friends. Android phones have something similar in a Google app called Trusted Contacts, and of course, there are many third-party apps that help you share your real-time locations with people. Of course, this is only with your permission, but it just shows how pervasive this technology is. Comments 0. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

      Windows Mac iPhone Android. The data is transmitted via radio signals and such technology is most used now for vehicles, planes, boats etc. It demands more time at least 20 seconds to connect with satellites and runs the battery down very fast. Not used nowadays. A-GPS performs the same as GPS, with principal difference that it gets the information not directly from satellites, but via additional resources like mobile area wires that are often called assistant servers. All modern smartphones have built-in A-GPS chips. Such technology demands less time to learn the location, saves the battery and gives the most accurate results.

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      Since GPS accuracy directly depends on accessible and cloudless sky, WiFi is another resource for your smartphone to identify positioning. It operates with wireless APs to measure the intensity level of signals it performs and calculates the position.

      Tracking With Third-Party Android Apps

      That is the most inaccurate method of navigation. This way your smartphone provides you with location data based on triangulated location of the closest cellular towers. This is more urban-oriented approach that works best in big cities with high concentration of towers and strong signal. Both WiFi and Cellular approaches are used as an indoor methods of positioning. For the other shoe to drop there are plenty of issues arising when it comes to accuracy. Concerning safety apps for children, teens and even pets that point is vital. But there are still some points you should always take to account if you need to get the most accurate data.

      What can cause inaccuracy?

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      GPS signals travel huge distance through the atmosphere from satellites to reach your mobile phone in most cases they do it via special devices and the quality of such signal plays major role.